Article19 on Kickstarter


Article19 has been online for almost 15 years, we do things very differently from other arts publications. While Article19 does all of the practical stuff like auditions, listings, and notices we also produce bespoke video content, features, editorials, blogs and lots more. We also take a long, hard and insightful look at every aspect of the profession from training to funding all the way to the politics of public money in the arts and how it is used and distributed.

Our video content is exclusive to us. Over the years Article19 has covered tens of thousands of miles to film shows and interview dancers and choreographers about their work and about being a part of the dance profession. Nobody else does what we do in this regard.

Unlike many other websites Article19's content is studiously archived and is always just a few clicks away from retrieval, no matter how long it has been online. We don't use log-ins or membership schemes, all of our content is available to all of our readers all of the time.

Why are we on Kickstarter?

Apart from one occasion three years ago Article19 does not receive any public funding and nobody gets paid to do this but it does cost a lot of money to produce all of the content. So we are kickstarting (you see what we did there?) the next year and beyond on Article19 with a fundraising push. The money will be used to create video features, the written content and pay for all of the services that keep Article19 online.

We have set a target of £3,000 but the more money we raise the more content we can produce. The more money we raise the more work we can film created and performed by new and existing dance companies across the UK and possibly beyond.

On average a video feature can cost £200 to create and that's just the logistical costs. We will also be able to create more features, blogs, editorials and deliver more auditions and other notices to our readers, new and old alike.

Article19 is fundraising to, essentially, keep Article19 online, produce a lot more content for our readers and, with a little luck, make it an even stronger voice in the wide and often wacky world of dance, both online and offline.

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