In every festival there is a quirky piece of work that stands out for all the right reasons. Re-Inventing the Wheel strikes you right between the eyes because of the dancers superb interaction with hulking metal wheel that, more often than not, is allowed to wander about the stage of its own volition as the dancers slip and slide their way around it.

The company itself is a mix of dancers and aerialists, performing work by a range of choreographers. In this case the dance making was done by Michele Weaver. The company specialise making dance that takes place off the ground or, in this case, that use circus like props.

Of the piece the company says;

"A trio of two dancers and one wheel. A rocking structure whose framework is transformed during the piece to form a large wheel in which the dancers can twist, roll and negotiate a pathway. Propelled within the frame the performers are lifted into seemingly impossible moments of suspension forcing split second timing, sensitive counterbalance and play and a huge amount of trust."

You can also catch Linsey Butcher, the company's Artistic Director, in Punchdrunk with Vincent Dance Theatre, also available for viewing on this very website.

The work is performed by Lindsey Butcher and Lee Clayden with music by Calexico and choreography by Michele Weaver.

Further touring details and information about the company can be found on their website.

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